The law firm “Nurhadian Kartohadiprodjo Noorcahyo”, or also called “NKNLegal”, is formed in mid September 2007. The firm is established by three founders, Aji Nurhadian, Sudiotomo Kartohadiprodjo, and Finsa Noorcahyo, who each has years of experience in the industry.

Each founder has continuous commitment to developing the firm as a firm with full of integrity and initiatives, enjoyable learning and contributing environment, as well as professional and high quality services.

Satisfaction of the clients is the firm's priority. It is therefore that the firm is committed to providing high quality services to clients.

The founders also have mutual vision of developing professionalism and leadership for the members of the firm, and allowing the firm as a convenient media to share knowledge, abilities, skills, expertise, and strategy, not only among the members of the firm, but also between the firm and others.

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