Our team has proven and will continue contributing its legal knowledge and professional skills vigorously and effectively.  There are many tasks in the practices of law that our firm has been showing and providing to clients, including :

  • Acting for the interests of and giving advices to various parties/clients (domestic and foreign) concerning and relating to legal aspects in  (i) various corporate-related matters and commercial-related matters and transactions, including corporate matters, corporate restructuring, banking and finance, debt restructuring and debt settlement, capital market, investments, joint venture, merger and acquisition, employment, oil and gas, general mining, trading, telecommunications, electricity, EPC (engineering, procurement, construction), wholesale and retail business, real property, land matters; and  (ii) several-yet-selected litigation matters

  • Analyzing legal matters/issues, identifying problems, and giving solutions
  • Conducting the drafting, reviews, revisions, finalizations, arrangements for signings, and implementations of legal documents (including agreements/contracts) and their supporting documents, and performing document translations from the Indonesian-language texts into the English-language texts and vice versa

  • Participating and being engaged in the negotiations and discussions  (i) among the parties involved, including those doing transactions; and  (ii) among the parties in disputes (in the cases of litigations)
  • Dealing with, and conducting consultations with as well as researches at, government institutions and agencies, including within the framework of obtaining licenses, approvals, permits, recommendations, registration certificates, registration numbers, and others of similar nature from the government institutions and agencies for the interests of the clients

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